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Cloud Foundry Foundation Bylaws and Related Documents Now Available

Today, the Cloud Foundry Foundation membership is happy to unveil the Foundation Bylaws and associated documents. The hard work of more than a dozen experts, these documents define the operating model and governance of Cloud Foundry and its associated projects. … Continue reading

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Growing CF Foundation – Swapping over the Atlantic

In the last few weeks, we saw a fast adaption and commitment from the Cloud Foundry Open Source Foundation members and just during the Cloud Foundry Platform conference two weeks ago; Swisscom joined the group as the 34th member of the … Continue reading

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Using AWS spot instances to cut the cost of your BOSH deployments

AWS, Google and Azure are in a price war; and seem committed to matching on-demand prices. That is good, but not the whole story. The under reported price is that of the AWS spot market; which can be up to … Continue reading

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New Performance Testing Tool added to the Cloud Foundry Incubator

At the April Cloud Foundry Advisory Board meeting the Performance Acceptance Test (PAT) project, contributed by IBM, was accepted as a new Cloud Foundry incubator project. The idea behind PAT is that there should be a super easy way to … Continue reading

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New Fellow Travelers Join the Cloud Foundry Foundation Mission

Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz wrote about Cloud Foundry back in February when we announced our intention to form the non-profit Cloud Foundry Foundation. The Foundation aims to formalize Pivotal’s commitment to the open governance of a new platform that serves businesses … Continue reading

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Packaged and Offline Buildpacks

With the recent addition of the cf create-buildpack and cf update-buildpack commands, we’ve been looking into changes to how the Java Buildpack is deployed on Cloud Foundry. There is a move afoot to remove the buildpacks from the DEAs in … Continue reading

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Cloud Foundry Eclipse 1.6.0: Spring Boot Support and Self-Signed Certificates

Cloud Foundry Eclipse integrates Cloud Foundry server and application management into Eclipse and Spring Tool Suite (STS). You can push applications to a Cloud Foundry server via drag and drop from the Eclipse Project Explorer much in the same way … Continue reading

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Working with the Cloud Controller API in Ruby: Beyond CFoundry.

Cloud Controller is the primary API through which third parties interact with Runtime; it encapsulates the myriad internal services that take a user from ‘cf push’ to a running application. Both the Pivotal Developer Console (the web application that ships … Continue reading

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Diego Phase 1: Staging in a multiplatform world

The first phase of Diego’s development has focused on offloading the staging workflow – the task of converting uploaded app bits to compiled droplets ready for running in Cloud Foundry – from the existing DEAs to Diego. From the outset … Continue reading

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BOSH CPI Support for CloudStack

Today’s guest post is from Iwasaki Yudai, research engineer at NTT Laboratory Software Innovation Center and Du Jun and Zhang Lei from the Cloud Team, Software Engineering Laboratory, Zhejiang University, China (ZJU-SST). Cloud Foundry is the leading open source PaaS … Continue reading

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