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Deploy to Any Cloud Foundry Target with eXo Cloud IDE

The free eXo Cloud IDE now supports Cloud Foundry deployments including, Micro Cloud Foundry, and any other VMC compatible instance. It is now faster and easier for developers to deploy applications to any Cloud Foundry deployment target—all directly within the eXo IDE. eXo is a hosted development environment where teams can collaboratively build HTML5/JavaScript apps or Java, PHP, and Ruby web apps.

How Does It Work?

First let’s look at a sample Spring project. A very simple Hello World app which can be found on the Cloud Foundry GitHub repository is an easy sample app to start with ( To begin, create a new folder and clone the GitHub project (Git > Clone Repository…).

Alternatively, you can start from the sample Spring project from the IDE (File > New > Sample Spring Project).

Then, in the PaaS menu, you can go to Cloud Foundry > Create Application. This is where you configure your deployment options for your application. Start by choosing your Cloud Foundry target by specifying the API endpoint.

You can leave the application type as Autodetect and click the Create button. Enter your Cloud Foundry credentials and your Spring application will start building in the cloud. Since the apps are built on a public Jenkins server, you might have to wait for your turn and this might take a few minutes. Once your application is deployed you can easily manage it from the Application panel (PaaS > Cloud Foundry > Applications) and browse between your different servers.

And that’s it! Check out the demo video to learn more. You can let us know what you think about this new service by Tweeting us at @cloudfoundry.

– The Cloud Foundry Team

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  1. And now with some Java Debug capabilities:

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