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Cloud Foundry Ready for Spring 3.1 and Grails 2.0

The Spring and Grails engineers have been hard at work creating major updates to their frameworks: Spring 3.1 and Grails 2.0. Working closely with each team, Cloud Foundry™ is happy to announce support for both frameworks in and Micro Cloud Foundry™ as soon as they become generally available.

In its new Spring 3.1 release, the Spring Framework provides a versatile open source platform for Java-based applications. The key features in Spring 3.1 include environment profiles (including cloud profiles used by Cloud Foundry), Java-based application configuration, declarative caching and Servlet 3.0 support. The announcement by Juergen Hoeller gives all the details of Spring 3.1’s capabilities and a new webinar on January 19th (Europe, North America) will discuss how to use Spring for cloud computing, HTML 5 applications, and the future of enterprise Java application architecture.

The forthcoming Grails 2.0 provides an important evolution of the popular Groovy- based productivity framework. The new release will provide an interactive command line, new unit testing capabilities covering in-memory GORM and full REST testing, an updated resource plug-in to improve web content modularity, database migration tools, and substantial GORM improvements. The Grails plugin for Cloud Foundry makes it easy to put your applications into the cloud and developers can learn all the details in the Better Productivity: Grails 2.0 video.

So congratulations to the Spring and Grails engineers on the important updates to their immensely popular projects. The Cloud Foundry team will continue to work hard to ensure that and Micro Cloud Foundry provide first class support and the best developer experience to these two incredibly productive application frameworks.

– The Cloud Foundry Team

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  1. To the VMware Cloud Foundry (CL) and the WaveMaker (WM) team,

    Having worked with the WM guys on several projects by using the WM framework, I’m now very excited about CL & MongoDB. The WM IDE makes it very easy to deploy applications to CL with an “one-button approach”.

    Since WM is build on Spring and MongoDB provides a MongoDB-Spring converter, I was able to compile a little application that is now running in the cloud:
    WaveMaker & Spring & MongoDB example

    Thomas Dittmar – DittmarConsulting

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