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Cloud Foundry Welcomes .NET Framework Community Contributions

This week two Seattle-based companies, Tier3 and Uhuru Software, contributed .NET Framework support to the Cloud Foundry community. Cloud Foundry was designed from the outset to support multiple developer frameworks and the new .NET support adds to community created support for Erlang, Haskell, PHP, Python and other developer frameworks. We are excited to welcome these contributors to the Cloud Foundry open source community and look forward to .NET developers joining the open platform as a service movement.

As with previous framework contributions, developers will now be able to use the familiar Cloud Foundry semantics to deploy and scale their .NET applications, just as they would with any other supported framework.

How It Works

Unlike other frameworks supported by Cloud Foundry, .NET requires a Windows based Cloud Foundry “Execution Agents” (DEA) running an IIS web server. An important part of the newly available open source code is support for Windows-based DEAs. Note that this implementation requires customers to bring their own Windows licenses for each Windows-based DEA. Cloud Foundry itself continues to run on Linux and does not require Windows licenses, but manages the Windows-based DEAs as it does with any other DEA.

.NET developers can access any application service or data store within the Cloud Foundry system, and support for Windows-based DEAs also opens the door for Windows-based applications services such as Microsoft’s SQL Server database. The end result is enterprise customers will have a common model for deploying and scaling both Java and .NET applications, as well as the newer frameworks supported by Cloud Foundry.

The contributors are also working on Visual Studio add-ons and MMC snap-ins that allow .NET developers and Windows administrators to harness Cloud Foundry using the tools they already know.

The Contributors

Tier3 is a VMware-partnered hybrid and private cloud service provider to enterprises and the mid-market, with a special focus on .NET and Windows solutions . They currently have a free hosted trial of their .NET support for Cloud Foundry available.

Uhuru Software is a Redmond-based software start-up founded by former Microsoft executives and engineers. They are coming out of stealth mode today and are focused on building .NET solutions for enterprises and will offer support to enterprise customers for .NET on Cloud Foundry.

Integration into Cloud Foundry

We encourage everyone to try out the newly contributed .NET support and provide feedback. Over the coming weeks we will embark on a testing and integration cycle to bring the best of the submitted code into the main Cloud Foundry project so the community can work together to deliver outstanding .NET support for Cloud Foundry.

Additional information

– The Cloud Foundry Team

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  1. Sumit Jawale says:

    I have developed one “Cloud based Document Management System” .net Application using WCF. I need to deploy it on cloud. Can you please help me in this?
    I heard about Cloud Foundry from my friend. Will you support .net application? Will you please provide the steps to deploy my application on Cloud Foundry? Should I pay for this? How will i deploy my services and application? Please help me.

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