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Cloud Foundry’s First Birthday: More Clouds, Code, Community and Partners

Today we celebrated Cloud Foundry’s first anniversary with additional multi-cloud deployment choices, new tools for operating large scale Cloud Foundry services, a new system for managing open source contributions and new partnerships.

More Clouds

In a recent post, we’ve explained why preserving multi-cloud choice and flexibility is so important in the cloud era. As an open platform as a service, Cloud Foundry is designed to run on a wide variety of clouds and cloud infrastructures.

In a live demo today we demonstrated how Cloud Foundry is making multi-cloud a reality with the deployment of an application to four different Cloud Foundry-based clouds within minutes without any code or configuration changes.

More Code

Today we introduced and open sourced Cloud Foundry BOSH, an open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services.

Designed to enable the systematic and prescriptive evolution of services, BOSH facilitates the operation of production instances of Cloud Foundry. BOSH automates a variety of cloud infrastructure and allows targeted service updates with consistent results and minimal to no down time.

Proven in the course of operating, BOSH is available under an Apache license from and currently includes support for VMware vSphere as well as early support for Amazon Web Services.

Additional technical details on BOSH are available on GitHub.

More Community

Cloud Foundry has been an open source project from the day it was released. The project is active on GitHub and has seen broad and meaningful contributions from the developer community, including support for dozens of major developer frameworks and application services.

Today we unveiled the new,  a new source code management system for Cloud Foundry. The new system converges Cloud Foundry source code to a single set of public code repositories on GitHub integrated with Gerrit for code reviews and Jenkins for continuous integration.  The new system enables developers to submit day-to-day change requests directly to the public repository. It simplifies community code contributions, improves code quality and offers greater visibility into code changes as they happen.

Additional details on how to contribute and participate are on the Cloud Foundry open source blog.

More Partners

There are a broad range of companies investing in and around Cloud Foundry, including development and deployment tools, public cloud operators, private cloud distributions, application service developers and ISVs.

Today five additional companies announced they are joining the Cloud Foundry ecosystem:

  • Cloud9’s browser-based integrated development environment now supports deployment to
  • Collabnet is making Cloud Foundry a core deployment platform for their suite of agile enterprise development tools.   
  • ServiceMesh has added policy-driven deployment and governance of Cloud Foundry to their enterprise Agility PlatformTM.
  • SOASTA’s CloudTest Lite® rapid test creation and real-time analytics now offers support for Cloud Foundry deployment targets.
  • X.commerce, eBay’s open, end-to-end commerce technology platform, is building upon Cloud Foundry.

We are in the midst of the Cloud Foundry Open Tour – a series of developer days across the globe attended so far by thousands of developers.

Upcoming dates include:

We are looking forward for an exciting second year with more code, more community, more partners and more clouds.

-The Cloud Foundry Team

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  4. Carmario55 says:

    Hi, I’m colombian, I congratulate you, this plataform is excellent.

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