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Using AWS spot instances to cut the cost of your BOSH deployments

AWS, Google and Azure are in a price war; and seem committed to matching on-demand prices. That is good, but not the whole story. The under reported price is that of the AWS spot market; which can be up to … Continue reading

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Canaries are Great!

First a little background, and then a story. As Matt described here, Cloud Foundry BOSH has a great capability to perform rolling updates automatically to an entire set of servers in a cluster, and there is a defensive aspect to … Continue reading

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A Pivotal CF Field Success Story: Installation, User-Provided Services, and Live Capacity Updates

I’ve had the privilege of visiting a few of Pivotal’s early access customers to help them install our Pivotal CF™ PaaS solution, which is powered by Cloud Foundry technology. I’d like to share a recent success story and highlight three … Continue reading

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Want to Contribute to Cloud Foundry? Come on in!

Cloud Foundry is an Open Platform-as-a-Service, and an Open Source project. It has attracted phenomenal interest from the community – including partners, companies using the code internally, and those individual developers with a passion for getting involved. You can find the source … Continue reading

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Deploying to AWS Using Cloud Foundry BOSH

Cloud Foundry was designed and built to support distributed applications that can be moved between multiple clouds, including those running on different IaaS infrastructures such as vSphere, vCloud, OpenStack and Amazon Web Services. The key to supporting multiple clouds is BOSH, a cloud deployment … Continue reading

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